The final workshop, hosted by St. Joseph’s of Ireland and supported by TCD, was five days, and was largely reflective in nature. It concluded the Lesson-Study cycle that was initiated in the German workshop and involved further discussions around the model, its implementation, and the method of its development including the approach to CPD. A primary focus of this workshop was compiling a complete TfT Handbook for the Integration of 21CL in School. During this LTT, the teachers reviewed handbooks and other resources (e.g. templates, sample lessons, reflection sheets) that had been created thus far and considered how to synthesise the information into one comprehensive yet concise handbook showcasing the model of learning developed through the project. Following the LTT, the draft was circulated to all participants who then reviewed and refined it.

During the LTT, participants also completed their“Theory of Change” exercises, reflecting on their progress over the course of the project. Moreover, they engaged in interviews in which they reflected on these aspects; these interviews helped provide the TCD partners with information and data to complete Output 9 (Impact Report).  

Finally, this LTT was held prior to the Teaching for Tomorrow Showcase Day Multiplier Event. All participating TfT teachers were involved in leading a workshop or giving a presentation at some point during the showcase event, based on their expertise in their given area. Thus, time was spent during this LTT for teachers to both reflect on their own learning and decide how to effectively communicate it to others at the event.