The second workshop, in Sweden, was five days and consisted of a continuation of the lesson study cycle that was initiated in the previous workshop, with observation of various lessons in the participating schools. The primary focus of this workshop was assessment practices. This was followed by reflection sessions and a further cycle of lesson development and model refinement. In addition, some work on invigorating the online community of practice, as well as an introduction to the Theory of Change, were undertaken. The main tangible outcome of this LTT was the revision and refinement of the Assessment Handbook (O3). The initial draft was circulated to all participants prior to the LTT, and time during the workshop was given over to its evaluation and refinement. This was a very important exercise, as it led to a significant revision of our expectations for the output. Other outcomes included first iteration of a Theory of Change with the partners, which should encourage them to benefit as much as possible through engagement with the project. A considerable amount of time was also spent on the development of an online community of practice. This involved a reflection on the most appropriate tool to use, as well as the introduction of a plan to encourage participation. In addition, the workshop itself was evaluated using a google form, and the results were used to facilitate workshop development going forward.

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