This opening workshop based in Ireland was an intensive and immersive introduction to the Bridge21 model of learning, the learning space, and the current status of 21CL in Irish schools. It was a seven day workshop to introduce the model and included: three established activities in the areas of computer programming, maths and history; two school visits; and a lesson planning and model refinement session. All materials shared and created during these sessions have been shared via our project website. All 16 teachers attended this initial workshop. The main outcome of this LTT was the revision and refinement of the first Handbook (O2), available on the TfT website. The initial draft was circulated to all participants prior to the LTT, and time during the workshop was given over to its evaluation and refinement. Other outcomes included the initial establishment of a community of practice through the introduction of the participants to each other, and encouraging their collaboration. In addition, the workshop itself was evaluated using a google form, and the results of which were used to facilitate workshop development going forward.


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